Content that connects

Valuing what your clients value

When your content connects with what your clients value, you’ve cracked open the vault of their attention. It’s no secret that we gravitate to stories about our priorities.

A recent informal poll by author Kristin Sherry found that people value these things most:

  1. Making a difference
  2. Meaningful work
  3. Love & connection
  4. Authenticity
  5. Growth
Firefighter spraying water from a hose on a raging forest fire filled with orange flames and heavy smoke.
Firefighters obviously make a difference with their meaningful work. You can show your customers and team members that your meaningful work together also makes a difference.

Whether you’re targeting external clients, prospects, or internal team members, here are some questions to consider:

Using content to make a difference for clients and prospects

  • Will this content make a difference to the readers? What will they know or do better after reading this?
  • Have I told stories about how my product or service made someone a hero? That’s a difference everyone wants to be part of. Did I show them how our product can also make them a hero?
Image of an executive in a business suit with a hero's cape, against the hazy backdrop of a city. Photo shows only the man's torso.
  • Will their connection to my company help the readers make a difference in their world? How? Can I inspire them? Give them concrete examples or suggestions?
  • Will it show that my service or product is making a difference on a larger scale, and that they are part of this difference?
  • Will it show the readers that my company values what they value – we want to make the same difference that they do? If I summarize this story in two sentences, does it show that we share similar values? Do those shared values make them want to engage with my product or service on a deeper level?
  • Does this open a conversation with my clients that I can continue? One that highlights how my product or service can make their life better?
  • Is there a way that my product or service can make a difference to them that I am not currently exploring?

Using content to make a difference for the team

No business thrives without an engaged team behind the scenes. Whether you’re using storytelling on your intranet, social media, website, or just in a company meeting, ask yourself:

  • Will my staff see this content as positive in relation to them?
  • How can I encourage my staff with stories aimed at them?
  • How can I show my staff – through stories – that they are making a difference – whether in the world, in the industry, or in individual lives?
  • How can I show my clients how important my team is to the product or service I offer?
  • People who are making a difference are likely engaged in meaningful work – the second highest value in our list. How am I using stories or content to consistently point out the value of the team’s work?

Going down the list of values, clients need to know:

  • They are making a difference by using my service, and my company is making a difference that they resonate with.
  • Then they will find their days filled with meaningful work (because they are making a difference).
An engaged group of mid-career men and women listening to a colleague while sitting at a conference table with laptop computers.
  • Because they are engaged in meaningful work that is making a difference, they are likely developing connections and finding love from their associates and clients. Who can resist the attraction of an engaged person who is enthusiastic about their work life?
  • Because they are satisfied with the love and connections they make through their meaningful work that makes a difference, they can feel comfort with your company’s authenticity (because they resonate with the difference you are making).
  • Finally, that satisfaction and authenticity creates an atmosphere that makes growth likely.

Doesn’t that make you want to rethink your content and ask some questions?

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