Meth gators and marketing

Define yourself before others define you.

Alligator with mouth gaping open in aggression.

Remember the meth gator scare of 2019? One small-town police department in Tennessee warned that flushing your (presumably illegal) drugs down the toilet could create a monster – alligators hyped up on methamphetamines. It was a tongue-in-cheek warning – you would need an incomprehensible quantity of meth to reach a concentration that would send those critters on a magic carpet ride.

But we remember the visual.

Who doesn’t freak out at the idea of
crazed alligators running wild?

So what does that have to do with your marketing content? The point is that a word picture can frame a story in just two words. Meth gators! Do you have a quick description of your product or service that grabs people’s attention? Maybe it’s not two words. It could even be a couple of sentences. But think about how you want clients to describe your product or service to their associates. Now polish it down to the fewest words possible. And use it throughout your website, your email campaigns, your social media … wherever you interact with prospects and customers. Define yourself to them so they don’t have to fumble to define you.

A few years ago, we worked with an entertainment company that offered an unprecedented live experience that seemed to defy words. Ask loyal customers, and most would flounder for descriptors. “There are horses and llamas. And original music. And storytelling. Pyrotechnics! Actors fly. And the sets are 40 feet high. Don’t miss the snacks! And tickets are hard to get.”

The experience was wildly successful. People came from as far away as East Asia and Africa just to be a part of this spectacle in a small Pennsylvania town, at a rate of 800,000 or more people each year. And yet even the most ardent fans failed to sum up the experience in words.

Do you have a quick description of your product or service
that grabs people’s attention?

We entered the scene as outsiders, and taking a look at the organization, we came up with a few cohesive, descriptive sentences that encapsulated the idea. We sprinkled them in press releases, in direct mail, in email campaigns, and on the website. Before we knew it, the media had appropriated that paragraph and used it in every story or report about the organization. Suddenly, there WERE words to describe the indescribable. Media coverage exploded and business was (as always) great.

Where does this leave you? Are you satisfied with the word pictures that describe your product? Is your service memorable? What do your prospects and clients think of when they hear your company name?

Are you a METH GATOR or a blah-blah-blah?

Storyteller Business Communications wants to help you tell your story so well that you become the new meth gator in your industry – the one everybody’s talking about. Contact us at or call 770-823-2044. Alligators optional.